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New Hope for 2016

Posted on February 24, 2016

Our Liberal Government has promised real change in Canada. The good news is, Canadians are hopeful for the Liberal government’s plan for real change and they will get it.

That means investing in middle class families and making sure they have every opportunity to succeed.  One of the first course of action taken by the new Liberal government was the introduction and passage of the middle class income tax cut.

On the question of what is needed to better support the middle class:  Investing in Jobs and Training is #1 priority.   Without question, the economy is the top priority.   Now is the time to make significant investments in a strong middle class.  It means creating jobs by making the right investments in roads, bridges, transit, housing and green infrastructure.  It means asking those who have a lot, to give a little more to those who need it.

Canada’s Finance Minister, the Honourable Bill Morneau will present the federal budget on March 22nd.  Budget 2016 will present an excellent opportunity for Canadians.  We know there’s never been a better time than right now to make the right investments. Ones that create jobs, put more money in people’s pockets, and support economic growth.

Please stay tuned.



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